Composite Tooling

Aerodine Composite Tooling

At Aerodine Composites, the recipe for a successful composite production program starts with high-quality tooling. Aerodine takes great pride in developing tooling programs in-house, all the way from mold design through master machining, to high-temperature prepreg, tool manufacture, and inspection. Our proprietary processing methods developed over 30 years of experience ensure consistent, repeatable quality in our composite materials, whether we are involved in serial component production, single-piece prototype, or supporting your own production capabilities. Fully integrated into our Indianapolis manufacturing facility, the Aerodine team has embedded all aspects of composite tooling manufacturing to fully control the process and produce only the highest quality masters and lamination molds.

Tooling core competencies include:

  • Tooling Configuration
  • Master Patterns Cutting
  • Direct Pull Tooling Board
  • Composite Tool Lamination
  • Metal Tool Machining
Composite Tooling Production in Indiana
Aerodine Composite Tooling Innovations

Innovations in Tooling

Often underappreciated, the production of quality composite tools is a creative blend of art and science. More importantly, compared with traditional metal tooling, composite tooling provides a lower cost of production, easier handling and storage, and faster thermal cycle times.

For high-performance components requiring accurate dimensions, composite tooling offers a Coefficient of Thermal Expansion closer to that of the component, helping the part to maintain dimensional integrity during cure and producing components that are intolerant.

Aerodine offers a full gambit of resources to support your tooling program from design, manufacture, post-cure, and inspection, to life cycle management and repair if required.