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Medical Composites

Advanced composites have been known for many years in the medical device industry for their superior strength, fatigue resistance, and ultra-lightweight characteristics. In recent years, technological advancements have enabled the extension and application of these advanced composites for use in orthotics, prosthetics, and imaging support equipment. The biocompatibility characteristics of many composites materials have also gained favor in both hard and soft tissue implant applications.

One of the fastest-growing uses of advanced composites in the medical industry is inpatient imaging tables and accessories used in X-ray, MRI, PET, and CT imaging systems. Carbon fiber composites are radiolucent, absorbing low levels of radiant energy. This characteristic minimizes signal attenuation that helps capture clear images in medical diagnostics.

Aerodine Composites works directly with manufacturing organizations, orthotics & prosthetics professionals, regulatory agencies, and the end-user to create a custom solution to complex medical requirements.

With material characteristics such as X-ray transparency, shock attenuation, solvent/steam resistance, and very high strength to weight ratio, the use of composites for medical applications is on the rise. The team at Aerodine Composites has a great deal of experience designing components that withstand the rigors of the human body and is ready to support and deliver advanced composites for the medical industry.

Recent Case Study


  • Prosthetic feet
  • X-Ray Tables
  • Orthotics
  • Cervical supports
  • Custom Brace