Military and Defense Composites

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Military & Defense Composites

With an extensive range of advanced materials and processes, Aerodine Composites is well-positioned to support the specific needs of today’s military personnel. Military and Defense customers highly value our key strengths: weight reduction, outside-the-box problem solving, corrosion resistance, part consolidation, and industry-leading time-to-market. Soldiers globally are committed to their duty of protecting the country and we are here to support their mission-critical objectives while keeping them safe.

Materials traditionally used in the defense sector such as titanium, steel, and aluminum all present severe disadvantages with weight and maneuverability, especially due to continually evolving military threats. The inherent material characteristics of our composites are ideally suited for military, defense, and security products, namely in terms of weight, strength, fatigue, corrosion resistance, and appearance.

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  • Armored Vehicles
  • Shielded Equipment Covers
  • Communication Equipment
  • Drone Structures
  • Camera and Surveillance pods
  • Advanced Weapon System Covers
  • SBIR Prototyping