Advanced Composite Technologies
FAA Certified Repair Station RDMR624X
A Christ-Centered Company


Aerodine Composites has set the benchmark for the science of advanced composites in manufacturing, product design and tooling for the motorsports industry. We specialize in the design and application of high performance, lightweight composites structures, using carbon fiber, fiberglass, Kevlar, and ballistic laminates. The perfect combination of advanced composite laminates and specialized epoxy resins can give your next project the benefit of a lightweight solution without compromising strength or safety.

Our team of FAA Certified repairmen, composite technicians as well as our sister company Aerodine Engineering work together to produce highly specialized alterations of existing structures as well as repair damaged components to original equipment specifications.  Our clients use Aerodine Composites, LLC to expand their own advanced composite capabilities in specific areas as needed.

Our experience as the premier supplier of structural assemblies, research and development parts, ancillary support components, and structural repair schemes to the high performance motorsport  industry has enabled us to build a vast catalogue of damage scenarios, repair techniques, and manufacturing methods to ensure that safety is never compromised.

Keeping abreast of changing technology is our commitment to you. Thereby, we use new state of the art techniques, materials, composites and processes to assist you in the optimal design of your products. Design performance criteria are met with a satisfactory margin minimizing under/over design and requiring less prototype testing. Furthermore, feasibility and economics of build/assembly techniques are also design considerations.

We strive to find an economical solution for our customers, whether for a high production, weight critical, or a “one-off” item. Our fine blend of analytical and practical hands on experience encompasses finite element analysis, redesign, or alteration of existing products and the development of new products through production machinery and tooling, including value analysis or cost/feasibility studies.