What It Means to Be an FAA Approved Repair Station

Our recent expansion means more opportunities to function as an FAA approved repair station. Moreover, our knowledge, skill, and expertise in aviation composites indicates that we are up to the task of handling customer repairs. Still, what does it mean to be FAA approved? What goes into getting that approval? Being an FAA approved repair […]

How Strong Engineering Support Makes Advanced Composites Better

In recent months, we have been putting a tremendous amount of time and effort into expanding our operations. Along with new facilities and equipment, we have also renewed our commitment to providing the strongest engineering support in the business. Strong support makes advanced composites even better. Ultimately, that’s our goal. We sometimes describe our vision […]

Flame Barrier Composites: A Hot Trend in Advanced Composites

The aerospace and defense industries continue to lead the way in developing new composite materials. Thanks to a combination of high demand for travel and innovation in both manufacturing and technology systems, aerospace and defense companies have filed more than 237,000 patents just in the last three years alone. Some of those patents have been […]

Do You Know the 3 Processes for Creating Composite Parts?

Creating parts and products from composite materials involves unique processes and skills you will not find in any other manufacturing environment. Whether you are talking aerospace, military, motorsports, or industrial composites, they all involve some pretty advanced technologies supported by traditional manufacturing philosophies. Just about every composite manufacturing process can be categorized under one of […]

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