Aerodine Composites Adds 3D printing Capabilities with Stratasys Production System

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Adding a new page to its high-performance, advanced manufacturing playbook, Aerodine Composites has recently acquired a production series performance system, Fortus 400mc from Stratasys. The Fortus 400mc is a high-performance FDM system that is able to produce functional prototypes and end-use parts with exacting tolerances. This workhorse with a large build envelope (16” x 14” x 16”) is not only able to deliver parts faster, but also offers four-layer thicknesses and a wide range of material options.



Adding an FDM-based solution to our line-up of advanced manufacturing techniques is a natural evolution as Aerodine looks to expand its production-grade additive manufacturing capability to develop early-stage new solutions for customers across multiple industries. Most notably, we now have access to a wide range of high-performance thermoplastic materials that enable us to explore multi-composite parts and complex tooling. The Fortus 400mc 3D Printer offers FDM ABS Carbon Fiber, polycarbonate, ASA materials, as well as the Stratasys Ultem line of materials that offer industry-leading thermal performance and chemical resistivity.

This technology is aimed at creating functional prototypes, product components, and rugged tooling that match demands for strength and stiffness of carbon-filled composite material.



The Fortus Production System was selected based on its relative ease of use, range of materials, and print quality. Investing in this technology was the logical next step for Aerodine to continue bringing high-quality manufacturing options to our customers in a cost-efficient way.

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