Aerodine Composites, Global Leader in Advanced Composites, Completes Recapitalization, Rebrands Website & Expands Board of Directors

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Aerodine Composites, Global Leader in Advanced Composites, Completes Recapitalization, Rebrands Website & Expands Board of Directors Focused on Motorsports, Aerospace, Defense & Medical – Aerodine is Poised for Significant Growth 

Aerodine has been a trusted manufacturer and leading performance designer of advanced composites for more than 30 years. In Q4 2020, Aerodine formalized a  series of investments and initiatives to help further accelerate the company’s growth, including the following:

Completed Recapitalization: With additional partners in the business, Aerodine has added more capital resources to support its vision of diversified growth, including 3D printing capabilities

Rebranding: New logo, new website, and collateral materials support Aerodine’s ongoing commitment to expanding its presence in market segments, such as Aerospace, Defense & Medical – as Aerodine builds upon its market leadership foundation in Motorsports

Expanded Board of Directors: Aerodine recently added Adam Gans to the Board of Directors. Adam is a highly recognized leader within the composites industry for over 20 years, including leadership roles at Nike, Adidas, and the Performance Sports Group. Adam is an active member of ICCM and listed as the Primary Design Engineer on 24 international patents. 

Craig McCarthy, President of Aerodine shared, “In our 30 years, our team has never been stronger, or more excited about our future – completing the recapitalization, rebranding, and expanding into multiple markets has been our vision for many years, and we now have the capital, resources, team, and innovation to execute well. We look  forward to working closely with Adam Gans, and our entire Board to ensure that we keep delivering composite  solutions of the highest standards to our clients.” 

In addition to Aerodine’s market leadership position and responsibility within Motorsports composites, Aerodine is investing heavily into Aerospace. They have been accredited with an FAA Repair Station License since 2003, and  continue to hold that certification as the standard for all training, quality control, surveillance, materials, and so on – earning and maintaining the FAA Certification continues to drive the level of excellence in every industry that  

Aerodine provides materials and composite solutions. 

Aerodine’s team would love to learn more about your next project! Visit the new site to set up a consultation, or learn more about their impressive track record, partner collaboration successes, and focused future at 

Contact: Craig McCarthy 

Phone: 317-271-1207 


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