Aerodine’s Continued Commitment to Formula SAE Leads to New Partnerships & New Team Members

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In less than nine months, the Aerodine Team has evolved from recognizing and respecting the value in the Formula SAE’s Student Competitions, to fully embracing the University Program’s College Design Series.

The vision started in Q4 2021 as Max Thouin (Aerodine’s Vice President of Sales and Business Development) initiated a voting contest through social media to pick one College or University Formula SAE Team to be the recipient of a sponsorship, in which Aerodine would partner with the winning Team and expand their Aero Package with a front wing built to their specifications.

The Team at Cal Poly won the FSAE contest, and since that moment the partnership collaboration between Aerodine and Bronco Motorsports has continued to broaden. Additionally, as the team’s worked together, another milestone and opportunity surfaced as a key member of Cal Poly’s Team (Legolas Chen, who was focused on aerodynamics in the competition) has moved on to formally join the Aerodine Team – congratulations Legolas!

Building on the partnership momentum with Cal Poly, Aerodine started working with and supporting another leading university with their own FSAE initiatives, although this time on the local front within Indiana – partnering with Purdue’s Team.

The FSAE Team at Purdue has made significant gains within the program, both in terms of developments with car, and also continued advancement with respect to the design team. In the FSAE Event in May, Purdue earned a 6th Place Finish Overall, and then in June’s Event the Team took 2nd Place.

Nick Fava (Aerodynamics Team Lead for Purdue’s FSAE Team) shared the following perspective: “We wanted to thank Aerodine especially for allowing us to utilize your resources this year to help us develop our car. Thanks to this weight reduction, we yielded the best results in our team’s 30 years history!”

Congratulations to Nick and the entire Team at Purdue FSAE for bringing back the impressive hardware!

The Formula SAE® series have continued to set the industry standard for competitions that challenge university undergraduate and graduate students to design, fabricate, develop, and compete with small, formula-style vehicles. The preparation and process require real-world creativity and engineering skills, and ultimately the results are evaluated by performance including a focus on safety, manufacturability and of course, speed.
Based on the tremendous success with the program in Year 1, Max and the Aerodine Team have definitively committed to an ongoing sponsorship for 2023 with details soon to follow.

Once again, we congratulate BOTH programs, and look forward to building additional partnership opportunities. Also, please visit Purdue University’s FSAE Team Instagram Page, and Cal Poly’s Bronco Motorsports Instagram to follow their continued developments.

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