Cal Poly Pomona is Awarded Aerodine’s Formula SAE Sponsorship

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Aerodine Composites is a premier manufacturer and leading performance designer of advanced composites across multiple market segments such as Motorsports, Aerospace, Military/Defense, Industrial, and Medical.

For over 30 years, Aerodine has set the industry standard for state-of-the-art composites in product design and tooling for the motorsports industry. In Q4 2021, Aerodine set out to help support future engineers also passionate about motorsports by creating a contest to help bring additional community support to the Formula SAE’s Student Competition.

The competition invites engineering schools from all over the world to design, build and test a race car prototype based on a series of rules determined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

With the online voting now finalized across the community — Aerodine is proud to announce that the Aerodine-FSAE Sponsorship Winner for 2021 is Cal Poly Pomona’s Formula SAE Team: Bronco Motorsports.  During next year’s Formula SAE competitions in Brooklyn, Michigan, Aerodine’s sponsorship will showcase Bronco Motorsport’s aero package, and has pledged to be a Platinum Sponsor with a contribution valued at $15,000.

“We look forward to working with the staff at Aerodine Composites through building a new front wing and we’re excited to see what we can do out on track working together!”, said Ayson Mar, President of the school’s FSAE Team.

Max Thouin, Aerodine’s Vice President of Sales and Business Development also shared the following: “This is truly a collaborative design process that mimics a big part of an engineer’s workload of working with suppliers and providing concise designs while remaining within the realm of possibilities. Aerodine is excited to be part of this contest and proud to be working with Cal Poly Pomona.”

To learn more about Aerodine’s products, solutions, and partner collaboration successes, please visit the corporate site:

Contact:  Max Thouin

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