How Strong Engineering Support Makes Advanced Composites Better

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In recent months, we have been putting a tremendous amount of time and effort into expanding our operations. Along with new facilities and equipment, we have also renewed our commitment to providing the strongest engineering support in the business. Strong support makes advanced composites even better. Ultimately, that’s our goal.

We sometimes describe our vision of engineering support as “a seamless extension of our customers’ internal engineering departments.” But what does that mean? And more importantly, why should it matter to you as a potential customer?

The underlying principle of becoming a seamless extension of your engineering department is doing whatever is necessary to be more than just a supplier of advanced composites. We want to do more than just manufacture and sell parts. We want to come alongside each of our customers to help them be and do the best they can.

A Practical Application

The advanced composite space has enough complicated language to deal with. Let us not make this principle any more complicated than it needs to be. Rather, let’s break it down into simpler terms.

Working as a seamless extension implies that our team functions smoothly alongside yours. Our engineers work with yours in an environment that fosters strong communication, collaboration, and ideation. But that’s not all.

Referencing your internal engineering department is a way for us to let you know that we understand the daily challenges and needs your team faces. When we come alongside to assist, we don’t do so strictly from our own viewpoint. We try to look at things through the same eyes as your engineers.

It is a Collaboration

Our team working seamlessly with yours amounts to a collaboration. We provide expertise and resources as though we were on your payroll. The end result is a hands-on relationship based on shared experiences between your team and ours. What do you get out of it? Consider the following:

  • Better Communication – Communication is everything when you are working with suppliers. But since we want to be more than just an advanced composites supplier, we make the extra effort to improve communication whenever possible.
  • Better Collaboration – Your success equals our success. We consider that highly motivating in terms of collaboration. Our combined efforts can accomplish great things with a healthy collaborative mindset.
  • Faster Development – Our two engineering teams working together should mean fewer issues right from the start. When issues do come up, they are identified and resolved more quickly. And when all is said and done, you end up with faster development.
  • Design Optimization – As an expert in advanced composites, another one of our goals is to optimize the design process to make it more efficient and productive. This way, you maximize the full potential of your materials and design features.

We recognize that the type of engineering support we offer isn’t attractive to every customer. Is it right for your company? One way to know is to ask us the following three questions – and then gauge our responses:

  • Do we offer any specific engineering services suited to extending your team’s capabilities?
  • How do we manage communication and collaboration between the two teams?
  • Do we have experience collaborating with other companies in your industry?

Aerodine Composites is committed to being more than just a supplier. We are leaders in advanced composites in multiple industries, including aerospace and motorsports. With our recent expansion, we have further developed our engineering support to make us more capable of coming alongside and seamlessly supporting your engineering team. If you would like to know more, we are always ready to show you what Aerodine can do. Contact today!

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