How Aircraft Composites are Making Aircraft Lighter and More Fuel-Efficient

Aircraft must be the right weight to maximize fuel efficiency, keeping it more cost-effective and generally efficient in the long term. In pushing for lighter aircraft, many planes, jetliners, and other aircraft have adopted aircraft composites in their construction. Composite materials provide the same durability and overall reliability as other materials with the added benefit […]

Advantages of Composite Materials for Spacecrafts and Satellite Construction

Composite materials have a long, storied history in space and aerospace applications. In fact, the history of composites in space goes back to the early Apollo missions, with the Apollo shuttle’s capsule consisting of a form of epoxy novolac resin called Avcoat, which was made with silica fibers with a fiberglass honeycomb design. Since those […]

What are the Most Common Applications for Aerospace Composites?

The aerospace industry often uses composite materials for the unique benefits they offer in construction. They’re popular in this industry because of the unique properties and advantages they provide, including superior resistance to corrosion, lightweight nature, and workability. This article will explore these materials in greater depth, including their specific benefits and their potential applications […]

The Role of Composites in Enabling Unmanned Vehicle Missions

Over the years, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) missions have transitioned from sole use in defense applications to a wider range of applications, including commercial and leisure consumer use. As the technology of unmanned vehicles has advanced, the need for more lightweight and durable materials has grown. This need stems largely from the increasing number of […]

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