What It Means to Be an FAA Approved Repair Station

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Our recent expansion means more opportunities to function as an FAA approved repair station. Moreover, our knowledge, skill, and expertise in aviation composites indicates that we are up to the task of handling customer repairs. Still, what does it mean to be FAA approved? What goes into getting that approval?

Being an FAA approved repair station means that we are certified by the agency to make certain types of repairs on both aircraft and aircraft parts. Oftentimes, this involves working with aviation composites to ensure that aircraft remain airworthy.

Some of the services we might be asked to provide as an approved repair station include:

  • Scheduled maintenance, inspections, and repairs.
  • Complete aircraft overhauls.
  • Aircraft modifications based on established FAA standards.

Becoming FAA approved is not easy. Likewise, maintaining certification requires adhering to strict regulations and standards. Not every aviation composites company is up to the task. Aerodine Composites is.

What It Takes to Be Certified

Becoming an FAA approved repair station starts with regulatory knowledge. All those involved with aviation repairs must understand and comply with federal regulations. Among them is Title 14 Part 145 of the Code of Federal Regulations. This particular section governs aviation repair stations.

Regulatory knowledge is just the beginning. Aviation composite companies wishing to be approved repair stations must also demonstrate compliance in other areas:

1. Personnel

FAA approved repair stations must employ qualified mechanics and technicians who not only know their craft but also possess the necessary certifications relevant to each type of aircraft service. Some repair stations also need certified experts to oversee certain types of operations.

2. Facilities and Equipment

Certified repair stations are required to have a designated work area, which means all FAA standards relating to the work being performed. Meeting standards requires always having access to the tools and equipment necessary to perform work safely.

3. Documentation

FAA approved repair stations must develop and maintain a comprehensive set of manuals detailing everything from repair station procedures to training measures to quality control. The FAA must approve all documentation.

All the requirements placed on repair stations are for the benefit of aircraft owners and the pilots and passengers whose safety depends on proper maintenance and repairs. When it comes to aviation composites, you can never be too careful with repairs. That’s why the FAA is so strict about compliance.

What It Means to You

Your organization benefits from having your aircraft worked on by an FAA approved repair station. When a certified repair station works on your equipment, you can be sure of a number of things:

  • All the work is being done according to current FAA regulations.
  • Only certified mechanics and technicians are working on your aircraft.
  • Your aircraft is being fitted only with FAA approved parts and materials.
  • All work done on your aircraft is both documented and traceable.

The bottom line is that an FAA approved repair station follows all the rules designed to make sure that work is done correctly. The end result is better safety and longer life for each aircraft. It is no more complicated than that.

Let Us Talk About Your Needs

At Aerodine Composites, designing and manufacturing aviation composites is just one of the things we do. We offer a plethora of additional services, including maintenance and repairs, in our FAA approved repair station. If you have been looking for a new maintenance and repair partner, let’s sit down and talk about your needs. A recent expansion affords us more space and opportunities to offer top-of-the-line repair and maintenance services.

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