Aerodine R&D

For over 30 years, Aerodine Composites has worked hand-in-hand with some of the world’s most elite companies developing manufacturing strategies and component designs for harsh environments. From the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to the sea deck of a US Navy Destroyer, products and technologies created as a result of our R&D, are a proud testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of our capabilities for our customers. 

Our team of experts develops new and innovative composite technologies that support the highest possible performance at the lowest possible cost while helping to expand the boundaries of what is possible for the motorsport, aerospace, industrial, military, and medical industries. 

Whether it’s creating a new part to ensure a race win or overcoming an engineering obstacle to developing lighter-weight equipment for the military, Aerodine encourages innovation from its partners and provides the resources that enable its customers to maintain industry-leading competitiveness in the marketplace.  


Compression molding techniques for multidimensional foam cores with integrated spars.


Proprietary procedure development for composite prototype and rate tooling.


Innovations in CNC workholding for delicate, complex geometries.

Aerodine Vision

Aerodine is a visionary in the composites industry and is always looking 5-10 years ahead into the future. Its extensive research and development efforts are helping to shape the future of the industries it serves and for the last 30 years has allowed it to set the standard for state-of-the-art composites in manufacturing, product design, and tooling for motorsports, aerospace, defense, and medical industries.

Aerodine’s commitment to the growth of its company and that of its customers helps keep us and our industries on the cutting edge of technology, and ahead of the competition. We continue to lead in the development of new and innovative technologies and solutions that push the envelope for what is possible while exceeding our customers’ expectations in terms of quality and performance.