Space Composites

Space Composites for Commercial Space Programs

Space Composites

Our extensive experience using exotic matrices such as Cyanate Esters, BMI, Phenolics, and CMCs is the foundation of our work in the space sector. The extreme level of attention to detail we put in our everyday work extends naturally into this most demanding of all environments. There is a wide range of applications for our products in this sector. For example, advanced composites offer multiple functionalities in commercial space programs, including cost-effectiveness and a high strength-to-weight ratio. Additionally, our advanced composites have properties in terms of thermal insulation and ablation that are vital in these applications.

Space Composites

Our advanced composites are also used in low earth orbit communication satellites. These satellites are subject to extreme thermal cycling and our products perform admirably in these conditions, providing durability for critical components. An example of this is in internet satellites which are increasingly being used to provide coverage in warzones and areas with poor infrastructure. Aerodine’s advanced composites are ideal for use in vital components for these satellites.

New capsules to propel humans into space are being developed by private companies to reduce the cost of human spaceflight. Advanced composites are critical to this, reducing the capsule weight and thus keeping fuel costs down. In conjunction with this expansion of human spaceflight, demand for the improved utility of spacesuits is increasing. Accessories need to withstand the harsh environment of space, and our advanced composite materials are proving ideal for these conditions.

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  • Core for satellite structures
  • Electronic boxes
  • Ceramic heat shielding
  • Human capsule environments
  • Spacesuit accessories
  • Commercial launch vehicles